EGG ART by Peggy Vincent
Eggs aren't just for Easter anymore.

Welcome to my Egg Art gallery. Everything you see is created from a genuine egg shell. I buy my shells commercially from farmers when the shells are not fertile. The designs for my creations are one of a kind, and are usually inspired from my life events. Working as an artist in this medium has given me hours of happiness.  The artistic experience of a new design is what gives me joy. 

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NEW! Shroud of Turin - Rhea Egg

Peanuts - Ostrich Egg
What's New Pussycat - Goose Egg
Royal Blue Beaded Christmas Ornament - Goose Egg
Princess Jewelry Box - Goose Egg
Phantom of the Opera - Emu Egg
Luther Burbank - Ostrich Egg
Mickey Mouse - Emu Egg
Rolling Stones - Goose Egg
Cinderella Royal Coach - Ostrich Egg with Quail Egg Lights
Playland Merry-go-Round - Rhea Egg
Myra's Dove - Goose Egg
Mud Pond Picnic - Goose Egg
Betty and Louis Vincent's 50th Wedding Anniversary - Ostrich Egg
Butterfly Christmas Ornament - Ostrich Egg
Arizona Painted Desert - Goose Egg
Vincent Family Tree Gold Leafed - Chicken Eggs
Fuchsia Jewelry Box - Ostrich Egg
Golden Gate Bridge - Ostrich Egg
Golden Gate Bridge - Goose Egg
Christmas Angel - Goose Egg
Nativity with Gold Leafed Star - Ostrich Egg
Peacock Design Jewelry Box - Rhea Egg
San Francisco's Laughing Sal - Goose Egg
Black Swan Design Jewelry Box - Black Swan Egg
Easter Egg Tulips and Bunnies
Hewlett Packard's 50th Business Celebration - Goose Egg
HP Way Corporate Design - Goose Egg
Humpty Dumpty - Duck Egg

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