Peggy Vincent and Laughing Sal at John Wickett's house 1988

My Playland project started in 1987 when I asked my neighbor Shirley Leytem if I could borrow her Playland pictures. (At the time I was working as a silk screen printer and I wanted to do a print of Laughing Sal). Shirley stored her photographs by year, so she told me I would have to find out when Playland was torn down. I called the San Francisco Main Library and found out the year was 1972. In addition, I met David Warren the head of the Playland Research group. Dave introduced me to John Wickett (the owner of Laughing Sal).

The first time I met John Wickett I went to his house dressed in a Laughing Sal costume. Well, John just about cracked up when he saw me. Over the years I have enjoyed visiting John at his home for various Playland celebrations. Of course, I always come in my costume and get treated to It's It ice cream.

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